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Employees who can manage their relationships and emotions and can communicate effectively will enhance every aspect of your business. Employers have a duty of care for their employees’ wellbeing. In order to foster mental wellbeing in employees the workplace can make a positive contribution by creating the right environment and management structures and by being positive about the employment of people who have experienced mental health problems.
When we are mentally healthy we are more likely to fulfil our potential, function well and cope with and enjoy work and family and social relationships, and to make healthy choices about our lives.

We can:

• Provide training solutions delivered by relationship specialists and expert trainers at competitive prices
• Design bespoke training solutions taking your workplace practices and policies into account
• Improve individual and professional performance
• Increase productivity and business performance
• Increase retention and reduce absenteeism
• Enhance and develop professional and team skills
• Improve communication and relationship skills
• Improve work/life balance


We offer:

•   Coaching

•   Counselling – An Employee Assist Programme

•   Training Courses


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Coaching can play a crucial role in building the capacity and capability of the workforce and can create positive and directed change, teaching managers skills to support their own workforce. Coaching can help staff develop skills and competencies in a focused, structured, measurable, achievable and supported way.



Initial Assessment   £100
One to One Coaching   £75

*Discounted package rates available


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Counselling services


How does an Employee Assist Programme help the company?

Stress at work is a serious problem for most employers. The pressures of business demands, and the accompanying stress on staff, seem to increase all the time. This stress can reduce the efficiency, availability and output of your teams. Problems they have at home are probably not your fault; but these problems can seriously affect your bottom line. Many employers understand that a small amount of money, targeted strategically at a problem, can save large losses in the future. A small investment in counselling could keep key staff working and functioning properly. For many companies staff are their most valuable asset; and we can help ensure that your assets continue to work for you.
An effective means of counselling is short term, solution focused therapy. Average length of package is 6 weekly sessions.


Solution focused therapy, 6 sessions   £330

*Discounted contract rates available


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We offer a range of training and staff development courses which can be tailored to meet your company’s particular needs. We can deliver in house.

Relate is one of the nation's most respected providers of life skills training, and each year delivers more than 5,000 training days to over 20,000 people. These courses are designed for schools, colleges, businesses and public bodies.
Relate selects, trains and supports its trainers, who are chosen for their ability to lead groups and encourage group members to learn in a variety of ways. They possess skills, knowledge and sensitivity, and they can use these in flexible and encouraging ways in order to produce the kind of learning atmosphere that enables group members to feel comfortable but also challenged.
Our Education and Training Department runs a large number of training courses and workshops many of which are designed specifically to suit clients' needs. The courses and workshops cater for organisations who have a particular need to train groups as part of their staff development, and range from 2 hours to 4 full days - according to needs and budget. They take place to suit clients' requirements, e.g. evenings, weekends, short sessions, half days, full days.



• Shows others and your own staff that you are a good employer
• Expresses your corporate social responsibility
• Reduces recruitment and training costs
• Helps towards complying with legislation (e.g. Equality Act &  HSE)
• Reduces sickness levels
• Enhances customer service
• Improves productivity
• Makes you more attractive to people with mental health issues and others
• Helps you retain staff who have experienced discrimination in the past
• Makes yours a healthier workplace


Training courses offered:

Counselling skills for Managers – £450 (6 hours)

The core aim of this course is to provide an introductory framework of skills for supporting others and develop some of the basic skills necessary to achieve this. Suitable for those engaged in a helping or supporting role as managers, mentors or colleagues at work.

Course Objectives

Learn about counselling skills.
Conversation management and time keeping.
Developing clear boundaries and structure.
Ethical issues, the limitations of the use of counselling skills and the need for support.
Enabling change.

Dealing with Challenging people – £450 (6 hours)

Dealing with difficult people can affect us in many ways - our work, our relationships, our health and our ability to get what we want from life. But we can learn how to deal with challenging behaviour both assertively and sensitively.
The workshop is participative and appeals to all learning styles. Course members have the opportunity to develop their learning skills and to plan future development.

Course Objectives

Understand types of challenging behaviour.
Develop a personal awareness and understand why they find certain behaviours challenging.
Manage challenging behaviours assertively and sensitively.

Relationship skills – £150 (2 hours)

The top causes of stress at work include non-work factors such as relationships and family problems

In this workshop we will be looking at what we bring to relationships in terms of baggage, assumptions and habits (both good and bad) as well as messages received from our parents. We will consider the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and look at communication, assertiveness and negotiation and managing conflict. We will end by touching on money and relationships and the emotional bank account.

Building Confidence – £150 (2 hours)

This course will help you become more assertive manage your time better and cope with the effects of stress on your life.

Course Objectives

Learn communication skills
Understand passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
Deal with conflict
Combat stress
Develop time management skills

Understanding Anger – £300 (4 hours)

Participants will have had the opportunity to learn about and discuss some of the physiological and emotional effects of anger. We look at ways in which people deal with their own anger, and its effects, we examine ways of dealing positively with other people’s anger.


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