Subsidised Counselling

with Relate Cambridge


Free Counselling for Girton, Huntingdon and Sawston Residents

Relate Cambridge have secured some small grants which mean we can deliver up to 6 sessions of free counselling to people and families on low income, who would not otherwise be able to contribute towards the cost of counselling. The funding is limited, but if you live (or work and study there in one case) within the following post codes please get in touch to see if we still have funds available to help you:

Town Funder Post Code
Girton Girton Town Charity CB3 0LD to CB3 0QH plus CB3 0JJ and CB3 0JN
Huntingdon Huntingdon Freemen's Trust PE19, PE26 to PE29
Just the town, not including surrounding villages, but including Hinchingbrooke Park and the Stukeley Meadows Estate
Sawston John Huntingdon's Charity CB22 (Sawston only)
Applies if you live, work or study in Sawston.

Call us on 01302 347866 for more information. You may need to ask to be put through to Cambridge.


If you are not eligible, please refer to our guidelines on contributions.