The Making of our Promotional Film


These pictures give you some idea of how our film was made. All those who were involved had an amazing weekend carrying out the filming. For both Steve, my partner (who took these photos), and myself it has been an inspirational experience, not just in the production but also seeing the end result, and we have both been so proud to be involved.

From watching Alex (Producer/Director, pictured above), and Dan (Producer, pictured third from last) of One Bit Media set up the equipment first thing one Saturday morning in June, to coaching the cast (none of whom had done anything like this before) and then ‘deroling’ them at the end of their scenes, to seeing the first cut (we were all completely blown away by the editing). I believe this experience is something none of us will ever forget.

Alex is the son of the Centre Director and also an ex pupil of Parkside, who went on to study Film and TV production at Westminster University. We were absolutely delighted – when we approached the Parkside Federation to ask for their help with finding cast members – to find that they embraced the challenge and were very keen to support their ex pupil. The Head of Drama and 2 pupils feature in the film.
It was incredibly heartwarming to witness how everyone gave their time and energy so freely to Relate Cambridge and to support this project – and it made the whole experience feel like a true a labour of love.

Elaine Taylor