Relate Cambridge is delighted to announce details of our exciting CPD programme. This is a unique opportunity for practitioners both within Relate, and also for those working independently or for other organisations, to benefit from our varied programme. Our trainers offer a huge range of experience and expertise.


To book any of the below CPD courses, please download the booking form and return to admin@relatecambridge.org.uk

Full payment is required upon booking to secure your place (costs of each CPD are outlined below). Payment methods and terms and conditions are outlined on the booking form. 

(Administration and office enquiries: 01302 347712)


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6th July 2018

10am - 4pm



Led by
Cate Campbell


Individual couple session and short-term couple counselling

This one day training covers how to set up and make the most of the individual sessions with couple clients. As well as exploring individual experience and building the therapeutic relationship, the day shows how to identify what to focus on, contracting, helping couples recognise triggers and manage their mood, prepare for couple work and take care of themselves – including the effect of the relationship issues on self-image.

With the couple sessions in mind, it’s possible to plan the direction short-term work will take and adopt a solution-focused approach to the remaining work. The day will look specifically at short-term work with conflict, poor communication, affairs, split agenda, separation and couple collusions, such as pursuer:distancer relationships.

Formerly a nurse and journalist, Cate went on to train as a relationship counsellor with Relate, joining the Relate Institute as a lecturer in 2009 and still occasionally training for Relate as well as delivering courses privately, including the TLC Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy. She taught CBT at Amersham & Wycombe College for several years and now teaches the MA, Postgraduate Certificate in PST and Certificate in Relationship Therapy with the Foundation for Counselling & Relationship Studies. She is a clinical supervisor with Relate Mid-Wilts and has a private psychotherapy, PST and supervision practice in Buckinghamshire. She is author of The Relate Guide to Sex & Intimacy and Love and Sex in a New Relationship.